Shikha submitted this entry 5 years ago


Trath typically means "lightning" and is used as a compliment or an abuse based on the way ome frames their sentence. As a compliment, "trath hish" is like saying "amazing/gorgeous, etc". As an abuse word: eg. "Hindustanas trath" means "may lightening strike India/ may India be destroyed by lightning"
Warzone wrote this 3 months ago
It is also used as a failure word "tey kyaa Trath".
Ashish wrote this 2 years ago
As the word is now used as like "WTF" the generation says now "what the trath".
Ashish wrote this 2 years ago
Some times its also used to complement.....shakal chhay trath hish....or trath hish chhak gaemech azz
Ajay Kothidar wrote this 5 years ago
Means Thunder - used as an abuse - Trath Paeyey
Shikha wrote this 5 years ago

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