Shikha submitted this entry 5 years ago


Modi's tratn
Ernakulram wrote this 3 hours ago
Hahaha 😁😁🤣🤣
Kasheer hind gai blaii.......
Khalid Bashir wrote this 3 days ago
Hindustanas pey trath
Insha allah......
Mohammad Shakir Dar wrote this 12 days ago
Thok hundustans
Irru Bhat wrote this 16 days ago
Peyey kalas trath dala😂
Hussain wrote this 25 days ago
trath is word used in kashmir for cloud brust.
Javid Ahmed wrote this 26 days ago
"Dopmaie Treth Hish Chaekh Lagae" me to my sharikhae heyat
"Trath emin kosher muslman hahran.. dale bachae" I think you got it
Legal Eagle wrote this 27 days ago
Cloud burst. In Kashmiri language " trath" can be exchangeably used for words great, beautiful, commandable. As curse against foes. Both positive n negative word. Tratilad (person on whom trath/cloud burst should fall) can be used for a person like a wolf in sheep clothing
Dr Syed Wardul Hijaz wrote this 28 days ago
Good shot by anyone on Google hatsoff to you man
Abrar Mir wrote this 1 month ago
Kanni chetti trath yem asi musiabates laggi.
Irshad wrote this 1 month ago
A in bad way it could also mean Pakistanis tu musalamanan trath
Anil Garyali wrote this 1 month ago
Mazz balai te noen zahar....
Ishfaq wrote this 1 month ago
Trath payi ath...
Taha Suhail wrote this 1 month ago
trath pey modi nes khanas
Tajamul wrote this 1 month ago
Trath meaning in English "Lightining". An example of trath say suppose somebody is saying to his friend"Khanas chanis trath" which means "may Lightining on your home" which someday says in anger to any other person.
BiLLu MeeR wrote this 1 month ago
Payey trath kalas
Xuha Khan wrote this 1 month ago
Trath is cloud burst
Wezmal is lightning and gagarai is thundering.

Kam balai chiv
Zuhaib Ahmad wrote this 1 month ago
'Trath is a kashmiri word which .means cloudburst
Shafakat Ali Rather wrote this 1 month ago
We don’t have to be “keek” here for once. Just take the humor and enjoy. Not everything needs to be corrected.
Koshurkot wrote this 1 month ago
Kajelkhari te bai kya
Dar Yawer wrote this 1 month ago
Seriously kashmiri's r trath❤
Kashmiri wrote this 1 month ago
Yi chu kaeshur kalla
Ishfaq Quyoom wrote this 1 month ago
Tratth hish kuur
Someone wrote this 1 month ago
I think it's better spelled as tratth to emphasize the 'tth' sound like in 'tthandi' /cold
Someone wrote this 1 month ago
HAha☺️really.... kashmiri rocks
India shocks..........
Tera bharat mahan 100 mein sy 100 beimaan..phir sy kashmir rocks bharat shocks....trath☺️😢
Ammy Starx .9797070717 wrote this 1 month ago
"kashmirpedia" its very nice but can I app of this site
Khalid wrote this 1 month ago
individual project or company running this website???
TheDarkSied wrote this 1 month ago
Trath is a Kashmiri word that means cloud burst.It is a unique word on everyone’s tongue to give compliment or abuse anyone. In case when trath is used as compliment the attitude of the person for which it is used gets on top level generally used for girls e.g trath hish chak gamech etc means you are looking gorgeous and as an abuse it is generally used for India 1000 times eg. Trath pei hindustans, trath waskhe yeman hinden hahaha means India should be destroyed by cloud burst.
@Boyaa wrote this 1 month ago
Trath is basically a cloudburst. Thunder is gagrai and lightening is wuzmal.

Trath is not thunder and lightening.
Aliyah wrote this 1 month ago
Pewywo trathey goley....
Shah Akhter wrote this 3 months ago
Trath means lightning. E.g Trath Hindustanas means may lightning strike India. Most popular of word Trath in Kashmir
Uzair Wani wrote this 9 months ago
Trath typically means "lightning" and is used as a compliment or an abuse based on the way ome frames their sentence. As a compliment, "trath hish" is like saying "amazing/gorgeous, etc". As an abuse word: eg. "Hindustanas trath" means "may lightening strike India/ may India be destroyed by lightning"
Warzone wrote this 1 year ago
It is also used as a failure word "tey kyaa Trath".
Ashish wrote this 3 years ago
As the word is now used as like "WTF" the generation says now "what the trath".
Ashish wrote this 3 years ago
Some times its also used to complement.....shakal chhay trath hish....or trath hish chhak gaemech azz
Ajay Kothidar wrote this 5 years ago
Means Thunder - used as an abuse - Trath Paeyey
Shikha wrote this 5 years ago

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