Aagar Patchin

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Aagar Patchin(Aagar Bird) is a mythical bird of kashmiri folklore. However Various accounts suggest that the bird is real and resembles as a fusion between an owl and a crow, but these accounts lack critical zoological evidence. And hence it's thought to be a mythical creature. The thing about this bird is that it is a sign of misfortune or a warning before a tragedy. Its believed that if one spots the bird sitting on a building or any house rooftops, something tragic would happen to the house or any of its residents. In informal kashmiri, the word Aagar Patchin can be used to mock or insult someone who is considered to bring misfortunes to ones life. eg "Zaen aayekh yoer Aagar patchin heash"
Which means, You are an Aagar patchin for you brought misfortune to us upon your arrival.
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