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Azadi means FREEDOM. It has a totally different meaning in kashmir. It is used as a protest word against Illegal Indian regime since the popular uprising began in 1990. "Hum kya chahte? Azadi!" Which means what do we want? Freedom!
Or in other words Freedom from Indian tyranny which has till now killed over a hundred thousand people mostly youth.

ps:-I dont have anything against indians or indai .But what is truth should be told.
Zakir wrote this 6 months ago
Aazadi is a fallacy - it doesn’t exist.
If it is not nationalistic Azadi (from India) it is political or ideological lack of Azadi. If you transcend that then you have economic lack of Azadi - something even the people in most Azad nations face everyday.
The goal is to life your finite lifetime with what you can get with what you have. Define happiness as an attainable goal and stay happy.
Protesting for 30 years - for what?
Reflect ...
Azadi wrote this 1 year ago
30 years on - this is no “daer aaye durust aaye” fantasy. Reflect on what was done to the Pandits for no reason. Picking on the helpless has karmic consequences and a whole generation of kids have grown up in a war zone as a consequence.
Before you blame the Armed forces - pyanni baebi chu phakh yivaan - reflect and see where it all started.
Want to complain of human rights - again reflect.
Karma is a bitch as they say.
Azadi wrote this 1 year ago
This is one thing Kashmiris muslims have wanted for decades and Kashmiri Pandits achieved in 1990 !
Azadi wrote this 1 year ago

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