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My mom works with the forest department of Jammu and Kashmir she told me once in the routine check four men, two rangers one forest guard and a driver went to the jungle of yusmarg they went there to inspect if there is any theft of trees as they started to reached there the driver said "jinab kuch deer mai road khatam ho jaye ga phir chall kar ja na hai" he said road is about to end and we then have to walk towards the cottage as they got closed to the cottage snow started falling and with passing time it got denser and they got stuck there for few days not a big deal because they knew it would happen so they came prepared now this forest guard who was new to this job and was happy after a few hours he got out of the cottage because he craved to smoke a cigarette and he started looking at the dense snow falling straight to the ground he took his hand towards the pocket and took out the cigarette to smoke , inside everyone is talking sitting around the fire having noon chai and the driver got this uneven feeling that some things is wrong as he was elder then all of them he ran out and saw that he didn't want to believe he carried a forestry belt which indian army also uses he ran and ran towards them and took his belt out and hit her and grabbed him back to the cottage and locked the door the forest guard was in shock that what happened it was his longest night and the nightmare won't stop for the rest of his life they all slept near the fire and the rantas was circling the cottage next day as soon as the light hit the ground they ran and ran till the check post came and drove back to the city of srinagar the forest guard was in shock. after a few months he said beaking the silence i was smoking cigarettes when this beautiful lady came close to the cottage and said i need help i said ok i get help ma'am please wait as i turned to tell the others she grabbed me and put me on her shoulder i knew it was the rantas
I tried to shout but all was useless and it was the driver running towards me with the belt it was the matter of seconds if the rantas make the turn on the curve on the road the driver wouldn't saw me and saved my life how he hit her and grabbed me back to the cottage i still remember like a father he slept near me while others feared i was cursed as the rantas was circling the cottage for me .
Now as i go to my mom's office i saw the driver and the forest guard and i tell them tell me the story again they smile and get me a noon chai with bun they say if the driver didn't saved him he would be the husband of the rantas.
They both have big smiles and they still go on those checks proud of the department of forestry.

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Is it like a Daen?
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My grandma told me about rantas when I was little
Rantas is a mythical creature in kashmiri folklore. Rantas is a female hag that dwells in deep woods and snowy montains. A Rantas is known for abducting men and children from their homes and prejudiced murder of women.as for the appearance, it is said that rantas has long hair extending down to her feet, bestial teeth, extented arms and feet with sharp pointed claws on the fingers.it is said that hers chests sag down to her knees and though walks in a crooked she possesses inhuman bodily strength.
Rantas once abducted a man from a village who she kept as her prisoner and then later married. She had seven daughters with the man. The man later escapes his captor and returns to his village physically and mentally traumatized.
Rantas morns the loss of her man
Although thier mother was an abberetion the daughters were beautiful and wise.
Rantas treats her seven daughters in a viscious manner because of her hate towards women.
One day while preparing a bath for their mother they boil oil instead of water and when rantas asks them to give her the bath they pour boiling oil over her, killing her on the spot.
The story continues as the seven daughters too marry different people from Kings to common peoole...
Don't remember after this.

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